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Ivy Hill Academy is one of the only preschool / private schools in Tallahassee, FL to focus on all aspects of development: cognitive, social/emotional, and physical. 


Ivy Hill Academy is also much more than a daycare. We include extra-curricular activities in our tuition prices, making fine arts and exercise a part of our curriculum. 


This innovative school is setting the pace for early education, and becoming the premier child development center in Tallahassee.


The goal of Ivy Hill is to create a safe, nurturing environment for children ages from birth through primary years that will stimulate all aspects of their development. We offer an extensive, developmentally advanced, theme-based curriculum in which the child learns through developmentally appropriate experiences. These experiences are both teacher-directed and child initiated. 



Our classrooms are set up in centers for creative play.


Daily lessons include Circle Time, Reading, Language and Writing, Math, Science and Sensory, Music, Dramatic Play, and Creative Arts.


Children of all religions, races, sexes, and cultures are equally welcomed into the Ivy Hill family.



We encourage our students to build self-esteem through discovering the qualities that make them unique.


School Family

Our school has developed a sense of unity through embracing the individuality of each and every student.


At Ivy Hill Academy we believe that low ratios make the best learning environments. Therefore, every classroom can divide into smaller learning groups with individual attention. 


In most classrooms, our ratios are less than half the state requirements.



All of the teachers at Ivy Hill are educated professionals. 


Each classroom has two professionals with a minimum of a 4 year degree or National CDA (Child Development Associate). 


Ivy Hill makes their teachers’ further education a priority.


Whole Child

Studies have proven that you learn more from ages 0-5 years than in the rest of your life combined. 


At Ivy Hill Academy, we take advantage of this time to establish solid learning patterns while building secure, loving relationships with our students. 


Above all, we provide the love and nurturing they need to become happy and healthy children.

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