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About Ivy Hill Academy

Ivy Hill Academy opened its doors in February 2006.  Our mission was to create a nurturing, home-like setting while providing the most progressive educational curriculum with degreed teachers.


 Most classrooms have ratios that are half of what is required by the State of Florida, which provides the most hands-on attention of any other preschool in Tallahassee.  Due to this small setting, we are able to provide extensive, developmentally advanced individualized learning programs tailored to your child.


We are the only Tallahassee preschool that focuses on all aspects of development: cognitive, social/emotional and physical.  We are also one of the only preschools to include fine arts and exercise part of our curriculum. 


Most importantly, we provide the tools that children need to become emotionally regulated through our Conscious Discipline curriculum. Our students leave Ivy Hill with a strong sense of confidence, the ability to see the best in others, and a love of learning and readiness to kick off their academic career.


We take pride in the school family that we have built, and we invite you to learn more and join our family too!

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