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Tallahassee, FL 32309


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Weekdays: 7:00 - 5:30

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COVID-19 Policy & Procedures

Drop-off Process

Each morning, remember to allow yourself extra time as the new drop-off routine may require you to have to wait your turn.


1. You will enter from the ramp and exit down the steps. There are marking 6 feet apart so you can wait for your turn safely.

2. We ask that you wear a mask at drop off and pick up to help protect our staff as well as the other families waiting with you during this time.

3. You and your child will both have your temperature taken with a non-touch forehead thermometer each morning.

4. Also remember to pick up your child no later then 5:30 to allow our staff adequate time to clean and disinfect the rooms each day.


We can’t wait to see you and look forward to seeing how much your children have grown in our time apart

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